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Standard Driver Setup: 6 Keys to Set Up for Tour Distance

Maximizing distance begins with proper setup. These six key elements of standard driver setup include a few little-known gems that will help you achieve you Tour Distance consistently and confidently.

Angle of Attack: 4 Drills to Achieve the Ideal AOA

Your angle of attack, or “AOA,” significantly influences both the distance and curve of your drive. When using an iron, you want the clubface angled toward the ground by 2-4 degrees (negative AOA). To get that Tour Distance with a driver, however, you want an upward angle (positive AOA) of 1-4 degrees. By catching the ball on the upstroke, you increase launch, decrease spin, and maximize distance.

Pressure Movement: 4 Drills to Produce Maximum Clubhead Speed

In order to use pressure movement to your advantage, you must understand:
1. Why pressure is different from weight
2. How to shift pressure in your feet without displacing the body
3. How to focus pressure in the correct part of your foot
4. When to shift pressure

Moment Arm: 3 Drills to Turn Deep Science into Tour Distance

Just as you get more torque with a longer wrench, a powerful drive begins with creating a nice distance between the mass of your body and the point of impact. The key is to put your center of pressure out in front through your lead foot, while your body stays behind the ball. These three drills will help you turn that formula into a habit.

The Secret Move: 4 Drills to Master Cutting-Edge Strategy

One of the most common golf tips may actually be killing your distance. You have probably been told countless times that proper form means keeping the club in plane with a linear motion. But by cutting the handle up and in, you can actually kick more energy into the clubhead at the point of impact.
What You Will Uncover in Tour Distance
  •  How you can add distance to your drives in a single swing
  •  What we have uncovered over the last 24 months with advancements in technology
  •  The SECRET MOVE that will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about golf
  •  How 4 simple setup changes literally change the flight of the ball
  •  How one simple movement with the handle can make the ball DRAW on command
  •  The biggest place most golfers lose power and distance (and how to get it back)
  •  How a wrench and field goals relate to golf
  •  How a sprinter and a golfer both create power
  •  How using a towel can create a proper sequence
  •  Plus so much more!

Here’s what you’ll get with TOUR DISTANCE
  •  A revolutionary online training program, using information from some of the best technology in the golf game today.
  •  The Science and Technology behind the golf data that FINALLY explains major power leaks (and how to finally fix it!).

  •  Introduction to concepts and knowledge behind the golf swing that is only available with high-end radar systems to top tier golf instructors and players.
  •  A detailed explanation of each section, why it matters and why you continue to fall short of your Tour Distance potential.
  •  How a simple move with the handle can turn you into a ball-striking machine overnight!
  •  The Secret Move that golfers would never know, and how poor information results in further power leaks off the tee.

  •  The Standard Setup, the same setup we teach at our own golf academy to our students (this alone is worth ten yards!)

  •  Driver Series Plus, which gives visuals of the importance of club path, angle of attack, what is happening at the moment of impact, and much more.
  •  Drills that are easy to do and will change the ball flight IMMEDIATELY.
  •  And Most importantly, more distance!

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This series gives visuals of the importance of club path, angle of attack, what is happening at the moment of impact, and much more. 9 Videos all focused in on hitting your driver better than ever before. This series alone could be worth the cost to you. Sold Separately for $39 but included FREE today with Tour Distance!
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Easy to Use
The Tour Distance Video Series is built so that you can watch and apply with ease! Bring it with you to the range on your tablet or smart-phone.
Tour Technology
The most current and high end tech used by Tour Pros and Teachers was used to create this system and help you hit the ball further.
60 day trial
Use Tour Distance for 60 days, if it doesn't increase your distance and give you the Drives you have always wanted...Just ask for a refund!
100% Money Back Guarantee

Special Introductory Price Of $67! 

By now, you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost. After all, to pay for the technology just to HAVE this information would cost you TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars alone. And then paying for lessons to learn and utilize the proper information on top of that? No wonder so many golfers aren’t maximizing their Tour Distance!

The other alternative is finding an instructor who may be still using OLD information to fix your swing or keep looking for articles and videos online that may end up hurting more than helping.

With TOUR DISTANCE, the technology has already been figured out for you. And with TOUR DISTANCE, you get to learn to DRAW the ball with your current swing.  

With the exclusivity of this knowledge, paired with the depth of detailed information covered in this system, that price does have its merit. But we’re not going to charge you that. The whole purpose of this program is to make this information available to EVERYONE at a reasonable price.
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